Fibroids or Myoma

Fibroids grow from the muscle of the uterus in about 25% of all women often without causing any problems. However apart from heavy periods they can cause, pelvic discomfort or pain and pressure to the bladder. The latter may lead to reduced bladder capacity and interrupted nights sleep.

There are various uterus maintaining procedures for fibroids. (Treatments to shrink or remove fibroids without removing the uterus.) However they carry  at least 50% risk of recurrence of fibroids and symptoms. They are recommended mainly for women who have not yet completed their family plan.

The different options should be discussed for risks and benefits. 

For women who have completed their family plan LaSH is an alternative and effective form of treatment for fibroids.

This is because medication only has a transient effect on fibroids and  they nearly always return, back to their original size.

Fibroids originate in the body of the uterus whereas the cervix is rarely the origin of fibroids. It is therefore reasonable for a patient not to want to undergo a full hysterectomy. During LaSH only the body of the uterus is removed, sparing the cervix and allowing women to benefit from the reduced complication risk and quick recovery time.

LaSH or LSH seems to get the balance right.

For  the reasons to choose a LaSH or LSH please click on the link below:

Why LaSH



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