Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB)  - menorrhagia


Heavy menstrual bleeding(menorrhagia) is caused by various conditions ranging from inflammation to hormonal imbalance and conditions affecting the shape of the the uterine cavity.

The assessment before treatment should include an ultrasound examination of the uterus and inner lining and ovaries. The initial treatment options range from anti-inflammatory drugs, “blood-clotting” drugs to female hormones as in the combined contraceptive pill or MIRENA.  For a patient who has not yet completed her family planning all forms of conservative treatment should be discussed.

However for women who have completed their family plan and have been dissatisfied with the outcome of conservative treatment they may want to consider in addition to the medical management, surgery, ranging from removal of the inner lining of the womb to partial or full hysterectomy.

LaSH as a form of hysterectomy is highly effective for women with heavy menstrual bleeding because menorrhagia is caused by a dysfunctional inner lining of the womb/uterus.  LaSH removes the uterine cavity which contains the lining and unlike other hysterectomies conserves the cervix.

Reasons for hysterectomy:

complete family plan

poor tolerance of medical treatment

pelvic pain


wish for amenorhoea (absence of menstruation/menses)

For  the reasons to choose a LaSH or LSH please click on the link below:

Why LaSH