Painful periods (dysmenorrhea) are usually caused by the contractions of the strong uterine muscle during a period.  There are various reasons why  the pain can be aggravated. One reason is by increased activity of the uterine muscle with increased contractility and increased frequency of contractions.

This condition should respond to pain killers and/or hormone treatment.

Other reasons that cause dysmenorrhoea are fibroids, adenomyosis or endometriosis, for which one can undergo conservative treatment.

If however symptoms for the above conditions do not respond to conservative treatment further investigation is necessary.

Dysmenorrhoea occurs primarily in the body of the uterus. LaSH as a hysterectomy is a very effective treatment of dysmenorrhoea because it is based on the observation that most symptoms have their origin in the body of the uterus. The body of the uterus comprises a strong muscle which forms the uterine cavity. LaSH removes only the uterine muscle which usually contains the affected structures and, unlike other hysterectomies, leaves the cervix intact.

Reasons why hysterectomy could be considered:

-complete family plan

-poor tolerance of medical treatment for painful periods

-pelvic pain


-wish for amenorrhoea (absence of menstruation/menses)

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Painful periods (dysmenorrhoea)